Mineral water

Raw materials
23 October, 2017
Indoor air
23 October, 2017

Mineral water

Quality control

The presence of volatile organic compounds, VOCs, in the headspace of a bottle of mineral water alter the organoleptic characteristics of bottled water, generating complaints from customers. The most common complaints are for odours identified by customers as smell of "medicine”, of “bleach or chlorine”, or “sweat” and “rotten".

To eliminate these odours it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study which analyzes the sources of pollution and raw materials of each batch. Usually, this task is complicated due to the random nature of the complaints in these cases.

The solid phase microextraction (SPME) combined with GCMS is the best technique to identify these sources of pollution and to improve production, making a difference with other competing companies and improving the image of our client in the market.

CSI Analitica staff, who are highly skilled, have worked to solve these kinds of problems with important companies of mineral water and companies of bottling for more than 10 years, finding out the exact sources of these VOCs and locating their most probable origin. Our experience is supported by more than one analysis by HS- SPME / GCMS, between samples and production plants.

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